Tips on how can you profit from domain names?

Domain name sold for 1 million dollars!!

To sell your domain name for 1 million dollars is everyone's dream. Reality is that this is even slimmer than winning  a lottery!. Sure it can happen, that you are just lucky to have bought this domain name and now a new or existing company wants to buy your domain name for 1 million dollar! Would that be something. But besides selling your domain name to make money there are other ways how your domain name can make money for you. However nowadays you will find yourself faster looking at some letter wriiten by corporate lawyers than find some cash in your bank account.  You have to keep in mind that company names are trademark or consider intellectual property.

Domain names and affiliate programs

How to choose a domain name - check domain names with spelling errorsYou can use your domain name to promote certain products or services. You can get this done by joining an affiliate network. By directing vistors from your website domain name to the affiliate website you can make some cash. Depending on how much traffic and the quality of the traffic this can be from a few bucks to thousands of dollars a month. 

Make your domain name an informational site

choose a domain name that is easy to rememberThere are alot of sites that provide some good information. If you make a very nice informational site, you will most likely get a high listing in the search engines. People will start to link to your domain name and will start to share the information on your site to others. You make ask yourself how can I make money from this. There are several ways how you can make money. We at ProfitCorp work with small and medium size website owners to make it easy to make some money with placing some advertising on your website. Check our site for more information on how you can make money with banner advertising. We pay all our banner advertising via paypal.

Sell your product via your domain name website

tips on how to choose a domain name If you have a good product and want to sell it to a larger audience than your local town, you should consider to buy a domain name and start selling your product online. For example is an perfect example of a simple product which is produced on a small island in the caribbean and now sold worldwide. Instead of maybe selling a few every year on the local market, they sell now about that same amount every month! If you have a good product with some time and effort you can sell your product online and show it to a larger audience.

You have to keep in mind that your website is like a shop. If you dont get people inside your shop you won't sell anything. The same is valid for a website. If you dont have visitors coming to your site you will not sell a thing! This does not come by itself! You have to work on it, you have to market you site, promote it, team up with other sites on the internet. Check for nice keywords to traget your site in the search engines and by doing so you will get traffic to your site. Be creative and look for ways to drive traffic to your site. This will be the key to your success.

When you have a lot of traffic coming in to your site, your site will be woth more. You domain name is like a piece of real estate. The better and nicer you develop your domain name the more net worth it will have. Web Traffic equals dollars!

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