Information about Domain names

What are domain names?

Domain names are the word sequences users enter in the web browser (address bar) to go to a specific site. Each web site (domain name) has an IP assigned. The translation from the domain name to the IP address is done by a DNS (Domain Name Server).

Is url the same as domain name?

domain name - web site exampleURL stands for:Uniform Resource Locator. This is often used with the term http:// wich stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.  So "http" is just a scheme for transporting information. there are more schemes (ftp).

Regardless of the scheme, it all comes down to the same: URL, domain name is just a Web address. Any time you come across a URL, you can navigate your way to it using a Web browser.

Difference URL vs URI?

free domain namesURI stands for Universal Resource Identifier and URL stands for Universal Resource Locator.

They are not the same. A URL is a subset of the URI protocols (http://  ftp://  mailto:) Therefor all URL's are URI's. All URIs are designed to access a resource on the Internet and are a technical abbreviation used to link to the resource.

What is TLD? 

completely free domain registration and hostingTLD stands for Top Level Domains, which refers to the suffix attached t internet domain names. There are a limited number of predefined suffixes:




.com - Commercial businesses

.gov - US goverment agencies

.edu - Educational institutions

.org - Organization (mostly non profit)

.mil - Military

.net - Network organizations

and then there are also TLD for countries:

.us - usa

.ca - canada

.th - Thailand


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