What you all need to know about choosing a domain name

Buy only .com

One of the best advice is to stick to buying only .com domain names and forget about all the other .net .info .biz .org .us etc. The reason is that people are so know with the .com extension that they will type this automatically and you will loose the traffic to your competitor. If you have a domain name doesnt have the .com then try to buy the .com version if that one is not available look for an alternative that is close to your orginal domain name. One of the most important rules is that you have to make the domain name easy to remember and therefor it is so important to stick only with .com because that if what people remember about website names.

Buy most common spelling error domain names

How to choose a domain name - check domain names with spelling errorsIt is a know fact that people will make typos! That is one of the reasons why it is good to buy domain names with spelling errors. Look at your keyboard and see which letters are easy to mistype. Letters that are close to each other or look for names with missing one letter or by adding one letter to the domain name. As an example for google.com they have also foofle.com but there are other who took advantage of the availablity of names like gogle.com gooogle.com boogle.com foogle.com googe.com goole.com etc. All typos that easily can be made.

Your domain is international, check odd words in other languages!

choose a domain name that is easy to rememberYour domain name is not only seen in your country. It will be seen by people all over the world and you have to keep in mind that people speak different languages. Sometimes certain words mean different things in other languages. It is a good thing just to search the search engines for your domain name words and try to see if your domain name is cleain.

Buy your personal domain name

tips on how to choose a domain name It is always nice to have your personal name as a domain name. It give your website something very personal. Also people who you know can easy remember your website name, because they know your name already! Also it make it much more easier to find you online when you are using your personal name.



Some other tips to consider in choosing a domain name:

Make your domain name easy to spell

When you have to spell your domain over the phone and it is long and difficult and can hamper your customers to find your website. So avoid hyphens and numbers, because they can cause problems

KISS - keep it simple and stupid

The shorter and easier to remember the better. If you are going to advertise your website via the media keep in mind that it has to be easy. Also the shorter it is the less typing the customer has to do.

Domain name - total number of different letters

The less different letters your domain name has the better it is. www.yahoo.com has 4 www.msn.com has 3 while www.earthlink.com has 9! The more different letters the more changes on mistakes and typos.

Abbreviate your company as domain name easy

If you company name is long, see if you can abbreviate and make it easier for the customer. General Electric became GE  and so there are more examples.

Catchy and  unique domain name, but keep it real!

Internet marketing is completely different than traditional marketing. Created words are more difficult to remember than real words and need a lot more effort to promote than real proper names.

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