How's it possible?

Domain Free - made easyFree Domain Names are made possible through advertising offers on the internet that we have made available to you!

Domain Name Registration Is paid for by your participation in absolutely free offers. Taking a survey, trying a game, testing a new product. And many other offers. All free and easy to complete!

Starting is Easy!

Domain Free name - completely freeStep 1 to getting your Free Domain Name is simple. Just click the signup link at the top and create a new free account.

Once your account is created you will recieve a confirmation email to confirm successful signup and account information. Now your ready to login to the site and move on to step 2.

Earning credits is easy too!

free domain names - registrationStep 2 is where the magic begins, just login to your new account and choose which offers you want to participate in.

Each offer takes only a matter of minutes to complete, choose whichever offers you want and as soon as you accumulate enough points for your domain type you can stop or continue earning points for more than 1 domain!

Final step - Domain Free!

free domain hostingStep 3 is the finish line! Once you have enough credits for the type of domain you want go ahead and request the domain free name!.

It's just that simple, do a few offers, request the domain, and within 72 hours it's ready! Please see FAQ for further details, and Terms of Service, for restrictions.

Other Free Stuff

Here are some other sites to earn free stuff!

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Choosing a Domain Name!

Check out our information pages about domain names. All the information about what you need to know about choosing a domain name. choose domain name!

Any questions?

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